Three Days Grace


The band has released six studio albums and recorded fourteen number one hits in mainstream rock. The band has released their first three albums, Three Days Grace, One X and Life, which began in 2003 and 2009 respectively, after the original singer Adam Gontier left the band in 2013. After signing with Jive Records, the band released two studio albums in 2003 as Three Days Graces and One X in 2006, both of which in the US and Canada went platinum and double platinum.

The band consists of lead singer Adam Gontier, drummer Neil Sanderson, bassist Brad Walst, guitarist Phil Crowe and rhythm guitarist Joe Grant. The band originated as a five-piece band called Groundswell, which was formed in 1992 in Norwood, Ontario. According to Gontiers, the name refers to a sense of urgency and the question of how someone can change their life in three days and how to bring about this change.

The Toronto-based band originally consisted of guitarist / lead singer Adam Gontier, drummer / backup vocalist Neil Sanderson and bassist Brad Walst. The band members grew up in Norwood, Ontario, a small town of about 1,500 people. The band members met in high school. They liked the same kind of music and started jamming each other in the basement and attic.

After moving Adam Gontier (vocals, guitar) met Neil Sanderson (drums) and Brad Walst (bass) local producer Gavin Brown. The band played together for about ten years before getting a record deal with Jive, an imprint of Sony BMG. When they were signed to Jive, they gave the band the creative freedom they needed to create their own music.

After splitting in 1995, Three Days Grace reformed under their current name in 1997, with guitarist / lead singer Adam Gontier, drummer / backup singer Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst forming the line-up. Gontiers and Walst bonded with Sanderson (who lived in nearby Peterborough) and formed the band Groundswell. The band quickly amassed a good local following, though Gontir said it wasn’t a big deal.

Her self-titled debut album reached number nine in the Canadian music charts, went platinum and released hits such as “Animals,” “Become a Pain” and “Never Too Late.”. Three Days Grace recorded their third album at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia from March to August 2008 and from January to April 2009 with producer Howard Benson of Los Angeles, who had previously worked with the band on their previous releases. The album debuted at number three on Billboard 200, the band’s highest chart position, and sold 79,000 copies in its first week.

In support of the album’s release, the band toured Canada and the United States in late 2006 and most of 2007. In 2012, Transit to Venus entered the Top 5 of the Top 200 and was named by the Juno Awards as the Best Rock Album of the year. In 2015, Human marked the second bow of the group at No.1 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Album chart and their fourth consecutive debut on Billboard 200 Top 20.

Three Days Grace is a Canadian hard rock band that has had great chart success thanks to a series of powerful singles that blend melodic vocals with growling guitars. Three Days Grace, classified as alt-metal because of their menacing atmosphere, position themselves as radio-suited rockers with an edge that their more polished colleagues lack.

One of the greatest rock bands of all time, Three Days Grace, announced in a recent interview on 105.9 AM that they will only play online during the Coronavirus pandemic. The band started in the early 90s when the band members in rural Ontario were still in high school.

The mainstream hard rock landscape was teeming with sound in the early 2000s and arena-ready post-grunge acts like Nickelback formed into more agile, stylized, chubby nu-metal. Hits like “Animals” and “Become What You Hate When You Are Down” resonated across airwaves and radio stations.

Gontier’s impassioned vocal style and intoxicating lyricism, full of anguish and anguish, spoke to universal suffering and made her a unique singer that many teenagers and others who lived in distress felt like kindred spirits. Subsequent albums such as Life Start from 2009 and Transit to Venus from 2013 continued Gontier with themes of personal demons to an air of positivity, a departure from the angry sound for which the band had become known.

He had previously worked with Apocalyptica on their album and their 2007 hit single “I Do not Care,” which included Art of Dying, Rain, Daughtry and Leave Town on B-side tracks, as well as providing musical arrangements, songwriting and vocals. Her first two albums enjoyed solid success in her native USA.

In 2003, the Mavericks led the hard rock avant-garde by breaking records, storming the charts, moving over a million units, and making history by holding the first single record on active rock radio 13. The band moved away from the pack and asked others to follow. The quartet of Matt Walst (leader vocals), Barry Stock (leader guitar), Brad Walsts (bass) and Neil Sanderson (drums, percussion, keyboard programming) continue to follow a path with their sixth album Outsiders on RCA Records.


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