Amy Lee and founding member Ben Moody collaborated on the release of three EPs in the late 1990s, followed by an album called Origins. In 2002 Evanescence signed with Wind Records and soon after the completion of their official debut album, The Fall expanded to include a full line-up of drummer Rocky Gray, bassist Tyler Boyd and guitarist John LeCompt.

Fallen was released in the spring of 2003 and marketed by the CCM Audience Association (which had disowned the band), and proved a hit thanks to the platinum hits “Bring Me Life” and “Follow My Immortal” which made Billboard Top Ten in the US. This success led to two Grammys (one for the best new artist and one for the best hard rock performance) but split the ranks when an aspiring Ben Moody left the band during its European tour. The band reunited for their first live performance in three years in late 2015 and toured the United States the following year.

Two years later, producer Dave Fortman was brought in to produce her first album, The Fall. For several reasons, the album had slowly progressed, including Amy Lee’s desire to maximize the creative process and not rush production, the other band members side projects, guitarist Terry Balsamo’s clap [8] and the loss of their former manager. Later that year, the band released the album Synthesis, which included new material and revised versions of old songs.

Three more singles were released in the fall of 2003 and 2004: “I am Gone,” “Everybodys Fool” and “My Immortal,” which became one of the band’s most popular songs. The band’s first DVD in 2004 included tour material and a few new songs. A live album and DVD with live songs from Breathe No More and the soundtrack to the Elektra film were released in 2005. The band also covered Korn’s “Thoughtless,” a studio version of the B-side “Missing.”.

The band released their third studio album, eponymous Evanescence, on October 11th, 2011. Lee released the album Aftermath in 2014, which included music recorded with cellist Dave Eggar and other musicians for the soundtrack of the film War Story. In March 2017, Lee said the band was working on a fourth album, Synthesis, due for release in 2017, which was released on November 10, 2017, and marks a stylistic shift in Evanescences’ sound.

Like many bands that emerged from the nu-metal boom of the late 90s, Evanescence built their empire on a foundation of gruelling riffage and fearful lyrics. The band met in June 2009 with a new line-up for their next studio album, which they released in 2011. In 2015, the band came out of hiatus and announced that they would be touring again, although they explained that new Evanescence material would not be produced as Lee was focusing on a solo project.

In 2003, the rock group Evanescence released their debut album The Fall, which sold more than 17 million copies and won two Grammys, and hit songs like “Bring Me Back to Life” and “My Immortal” remained anthems for anxious teenagers worldwide. Out of the blue, the band rose from anonymity to stardom with their world hit “Bring Me Back to Life” from 2003 The Fall album, making singer and pianist Amy Lee a household name. Not only was she a rare female presence in a genre dominated by dude voices, but she also lent breathtaking Gothic grandeur to Evanescence’s aggressive attacks.

A decade after their debut album Fallen – which sold over 17 million copies worldwide and won two Grammys – rock group Evanescence is back with its new album Bitter Truth. Co-founder and lead singer Amy Lee is ready, to tell the truth about why it took so long to release the album.

After recording independent albums, Evanescence released their first album The Fall on Wind Records in 2003. The album sold more than 1.7 million copies and earned the band two Grammys with seven nominations. Later in that year, the band released their live album, which sold over a million copies. In 2006 they released their second studio album Open Door, which has sold more than five million copies worldwide.

At the height of her fame in the early 2000s, Evanescence topped the album charts with hits like “Bring Me Back to Life” and two Grammys, earning recognition from industry peers. With each new record, the band has survived in many ways. It will endure as fashion and taste catch up with the next generation.

The Ultimate Collection is a vinyl box set that includes the demo album Origins, studio album Fall, the opening door of Evanescence, B-sides of the compilation album Lost in Whispers and an illustrated book with photos, lyrics, diary pages and design sketches.

Instead of assembling a full orchestra, Bitter Truth used its abundance of lively synthesizers to listen to pop tracks. Lee wanted to brighten up the sound of the show and celebrate everything that has gone through hell and back. Although the album is about heavy emotions, it sounds uplifting.

The band has experienced a lot of heartache during their time, especially in recent years. That particular experience inspired Lee to write Bitter Truth, which came three years after the loss of his little brother Robby. After dealing with grief and trying to find hope, he started writing again.

When the tour was over, I was tired and homeless for New York and the new tour life was not for me. Up to this point, the journey I experienced with the band is superimposed with many chapters.

It was an interesting time for Lee, as Evanescence released The Bitter Truth last spring, her first new music album in over a decade and her fifth album overall. In the 20 years since they achieved a number one album and a platinum plaque, there has never been an interview with Amy Lee.


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