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The Cure

  The bass line rarely deviates from its course. The guitar sounds like a crooked one-note melody interacting with heavy organ and synth sounds as...


Steely Dan

Rage Against The Machine



Where Did The Violin Come From?

It is believed that Andrea Amati did not make the first modern violin when it was made in Brescia in the 16th century. Although...

What Musical Instruments Are Need For A Music Band?

Glockenspiel cymbals are available in round or large shapes, which strike with a rod-shaped beat of a small metal mallet, similar to those used...

History Of The Drums

History Of The Piano

What Is A Piano?


Elton John

George Strait

Billy Joel


AC/DC Music Review

For decades AC / DC have defended their crown as the most tenacious band. They have championed the planet as a meat-and-potato rock messiah,...



Waiting For The Sun – By Barney Hoskyns

Barney Hoskyns (born May 5, 1959) is a British music critic and editor of Rock Backpage Online Music Journalism Archive. Before giving up his...


Types Of Musical Art

Before we list definitions for our purposes, we should refine the definition of music to take into account how children perceive music and its...


Amy (Documentary; Asif Kapadia, 2015)

When I talk about Asif Kapadia, I feel that I am talking about obsessives, those who are so fascinated by one thing that they...

Walk The Line Movie